Educational/Pedagogical Activities

Upcoming Activities

19:00 – 21:00
One World, One Peace? [webinar]
In the framework of the future academy of Amberg (“Zukunftsakademie Amberg”).
Is there such thing as the one world peace, which is valid for all the peoples, and which relationship does it have with the concept of ‘development’? Let us look into different locally grounded peace interpretations, in order to find out, how peaces might be formulated and lived in a pluriversal world of the future.


Ongoing Activities

21 April 2020 – 21 July 2020
(De)Coloniality [digital seminar]
at the University of Augsburg (Summer Term 2020):

A master seminar on the colonial continuities and structures of the modern world system. We examine in more detail the colonial matrix of power that is based on hierarchies of race, hender, heteronormativity and class; and under which life, knowledge, spirituality and thought are being ordered and regulated. Guided by the question how colonial structures are influencing our living both on global scales but also glocally, in the entanglements of local experiences with the global community. A particular focus of the seminar lies in the search and possibilities of confronting coloniality through decolonizing action and attitude.

21. April 2020 – 21 July 2020
Conflict Theory and Conflict Analysis: Yemen [digital seminar]
at the University of Augsburg (Summer Term 2020):

An inter-university ringseminar that grounds on digital innovations to connect different schools of peace and conflict research within Germany on a shared topic, the Yemen. In Augsburg, our contribution will be a decolonial perspective on the Yemen conflict.

Recent Activities

24 May 2020
Critical Whiteness II: forms of violence [webinar]
with the Tanzania Working Group at the Gymnasium Gräfelfing

A workshop on the various forms of violence that emanates from coloniality and racism (directed to White participants). Participants re-evaluated the White Privilege that they have uncovered in Critical Whiteness I and draw connections to structural and social patterns of relating/forms of violence that emerge from the position of whiteness. Listening to some of the experiences of a PoC who recently immigrated to Germany, participants were invited to change perspective and re-think Whiteness contextually but also structurally.

17 October 2019 – 06 February 2020
One World, One Peace?
at the University of Augsburg (Winter Term 2019/20):

A weekly seminar on the pluralities and conflictivities of peace interpretations. Participants learn to question the tacit universalism of personal and/or Western/liberal interpretations of peace by approaching different interpretations through cognitive and embodied practices. We will investigate on how peace interpretations influence conflict dynamics and develop an understanding of balancing potential conflicts that emanate from diverging peace interpretations.

21 October 2019 – 03 February 2020
Introduction to Conflict Theories
at the Katholische University of Eichstätt, MA Conflict, Peace and Memory

A bi-weekly class on Conflict theories through a global perspective, in which we discover common (mainstream) approaches to theorizing and analyzing conflict. With a focus on structural violence, we also explore how coloniality and androcentrism impact conflict theory and analysis. In a seminar day, students take conflict theory out of the books into their bodies through embodied methods.

07 December 2019
Privilege and Critical Whiteness (I)
with the Tanzania Working Group at the Gymnasium Gräfelfing

An introductory workshop on the entanglement of race and privilege in a colonial world. Through imagery association, students examine the constructed connotations of skin colour and race with attributes and explore reflective and diversified language for naming black and white. With the walk of power, students embodied global inequalities and the power of privilege. Additionally, students explored a list of privileges in whiteness and took time to reflect upon whether and how they can act, think and adress these insights and how to deal with the knowledge about white privilege.

23 October 2019
Mobile Phones and their global implications
at the Middle school in Diedorf

A short workshop on the global implications of the production process of our mobile phones and their social and ecological implications. After tracing the global journey of a mobile phone, students dived into group work to deepen their knowledge on specific aspects of the life cycle of mobile phones and our (consumer’s) role and responsibility within these.

02 October 2019
Climate Justice
at the Gymnasium in Marktoberdorf

A short workshop to approach the topic of Climate Justice within global learning, building awareness of global injustice in relation to climate change and providing the space for the students to develop possibilities for action in their own lifestyles.

10 May, 17 May and 7 June 2019
Our mobile phone and how it is produced
at the Montessori-Schule Bad Tölz:

A multi-session workshop to re-trace the life cycle of a mobile phone and become aware of the global injustice therein.

09 May 2019
Images of Africa: Racism and Prejudice
at the Franz-von-Assisi-Schule Augsburg:

A short workshop of 90 minutes to irritate preconceived notions of the African continent, using the Africa-Puzzle, photo associations and group discussion.

25 April – 25 July 2019
Introductory Course on International Relations
at the University of Augsburg (Summer Term 2019):

A weekly introductory class on basic theories of International Relations with the focus of applying theories as lenses to view empirical events in international relations. Theories range from institutionalism, realism and constructivism to poststructuralist theories such as post- and decolonial perspectives and feminist perspectives in and on International Relations.