A Loving Meditation

12 April 2017

Dear Baby Liam,

I could sit for hours and watch you sleep, smile, cry, struggle with your digestion and curiously watch your surrounding. Sometimes time stands still, when you laugh, when your gaze meets my eyes, I could get lost in yours. Your little mouth makes bubbly sounds, as if you were telling me about things that occupy your mind.

I am sitting, responding, asking you questions. Yet, as time seems to stand still when you smile, I have the feeling that this precious episode is running through my hands like sand. That the people who advised me to enjoy every moment of this time, because it runs and children grow up so fast, are right. I don’t realize how fast you grow when I look at you, but sometimes it hits me when I dress you and the clothes that fit you yesterday are tight and almost a number too small today. And I wish I could stop the time for a moment just to become aware of your beauty, your grace, your curiosity and your pure love. You certainly turned my world upside down, and made me realize that there is no need to rush through life – to rush through Bachelors and Masters degrees, jobs and holidays, from one project to another. You remind me that life is the biggest of all gifts and that it needs to be lived with awareness and mindfulness, each day anew.

Loving you is meditation, every day.

Your Mum.

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