Dream it Alive

29 December 2016

Dear Baby Liam,

we are moving closer to the due date, and with every day that passes, physical activity becomes increasingly difficult. Contractions have started to kick in occasionally, and the skin on my upper belly is burning as it stretches.

I thus spend my days in preparation of your arrival with activities that soothe the pains, calm the mind and challenge the spirit – although most of my night are sleepless, and the days are less speedy than they used to be. It happens that I wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall asleep again, so I grab my notebook and watch some films or play music to relax.

Last night, I saw an older film about a woman whose marriage dissolved and who found refuge in Tuscany, Italy where she bought a house. At some point, she said to an old man that she wished to have a family there, and to see a wedding there at that house. Eventually, she helped a young artisan win the consent of a strict father to propose to marry his daughter, and arranged the festivities at her house in Tuscany. Her pregnant friend from the US had joined her in Tuscany, being heartbroken because her partner had left her in the midst of pregnancy. She eventually gave birth in Tuscany and the house was filled with laughs and screams of a newborn – it became home to a family. It had not occurred to her that her dreams actually became true, until the old man reminded her of what she had wished, and how it has manifested – different than imagined, but still there.

I tell you this little scene because even sitting with you in my womb is the manifestation of a dream. I had dreamt of you before, and I had wished you were here, not knowing when and how this dream would manifest. Our dreams have limitless power, so we are well-advised to formulate and visualize them positively. Towards the end of the year, people tend to make these vision boards and to-do lists for the next year, and I am clearly one of these people that become conscious about their visions and dreams at this time of the year, reflect upon what has happened and what has not, and why some dreams have yet to happen. I do have a kind of a vision board, and I remember how – just a year ago – I was sitting with it and outlining how I would start a family after my M.A. graduation, how I would open a Yoga space for healing and peace and live more healthily. It all manifested, maybe not exactly as I had wanted them, but probably even better.

I do not want to convey this to you just at the end of every year, but to use this opportunity of what I have experienced so magically to encourage you now, before being born, to dream your dreams alive. You come to live this human experience with a purpose, and I am sure you will find out, dream and manifest your dreams because you believe in them, just as I do.

PS: I have read that the ninth month of pregnancy is the time when the child is preparing for life outside the protective womb of the mom, for life in the material world. A preparation which corresponds – on an energetic level – to the development of your root chakra (muladhara chakra), a process that will continue for at least the first year of life that stands in the light of survival and basic trust. Let my little visionboard-talk be a reminder of how much you are deeply wanted and most welcome here in your earth experience.

With endless love,

your Mom

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