Saturday, 20 August 2016

Dear Baby,

now you enter the 19th week and I want to tell you how proud I am of you. Last week, we visited Native Spirit, a wilderness school at the river Inn, bordering Austria and Switzerland, where we got introduced to Shamanic Practices. Together, we even attended our very first Sweat lodge, a rebirthing process in the Womb of Mother Earth, built our own Medecine Wheel and learned how to shoot bows. Imagine, we also learned how to make fire without lighter or matchboxes, the traditional way.




The journey was, above all, a journey to self discovery, where we got introduced to the Medecine Wheel as a Map toward peace. It was a journey towards inner peace.
On the first day, I tried to carve something out of wood, and thought of you while my mind chattering decreased. I knew you would one day love to do all these things too, and I will smile while I look at you, remembering this time when I carried you in my womb.

We are spirit having a human earth experience.

We then sat down around a fire and remembered that we were not human beings having spiritual experiences, but that we are spirit having a human earth experience. Yes, spirituality is my journey to reconnect with the Divine Spirit that resides in me. It is not so much a learning process, than it is a process of remembering, as the Spirit knows already. As we looked at the fire, we began singing a song. I wondered if that could be your words talking to me through the song:

In the course of the week, I became more and more aware of the beauty that resides in the female principle. One of the basic rules of the Medecine Wheel, as taught by the Native Spirit school, is that everything is born out of women. This principle is reflected in the creation story that follows a Native American tradition:

In the beginning of everything, there was Wakan, the holy circle, the female principle of bringing to life. In the beginning was spirit. Wakan contains everything that has and will ever be created.
Wakan, gave birth to Sasquan, the male principle, and thus created duality.
Out of the love of Wakan and Sasquan the sun was born, and with the sun, all the suns of the universe. Then, they created the earth, and with it all the planets of the universe.
Sun and Earth then made love and out of their love was born water and the plants, and eventually the animals. Finally, the human is born through the gate of the South into the Medecine Wheel called “life”..

With the help of the Medecine Wheel, I discovered the way of my heart a little more closely by exploring myself. Am I simply repeating old stories or is it really me living my life?
The questions I asked myself were so crucial for me, and through me for you as well, as I gathered strength and vision to embody the path I want to go.

Your Mum

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